It’s 7am

Good morning.

A new day is here.

The shades begin to open with the sunrise, the landscape lighting turns itself off and you wake to your favorite song playing from the speakers.

One remote

This is where it all begins. We provide a remote that will control everything we install, as well as the devices you already own. You can cue up your favorite music, turn down the lights and close the shades all with the touch of a button.

Create individual profiles for every member of the family. Easily add favorite channels, it will even prioritize the channels you watch most. Everything that you want is just a tap away.

Good night.

When it’s time to turn everything off. Simply press the microphone button and say “Good Night”.


The weatherman says it’s going to be hot in Nashvile today. You pick up your phone and turn the air conditioning on. But you did it from aisle 6 of the grocery store.


Get things done.

Experience the Visual Concepts difference.


The design of your new Visual Concepts home is both an art and a science. We make the process easy.


We program your home automation system based on your personality, preferences, and lifestyle.


Award-Winning smart systems, since 2003.


The remote controls that we program and install are the heartbeat of your smart home. Individual profiles give everyone in the family their own personal remote, you can control the shades, lights, and alarm with a tap or voice command.


It’s convenient.

It goes anywhere.

Control your home anywhere anytime.

Life’s surprises.

You forgot to tell your wife you were expecting a delivery. She’s out running errands, and you’re on the golf course. With the tap of a button give the delivery man access to your garage, then close it when he leaves. Work project saved.


It goes everywhere.

What makes a Visual Concepts home?


Stream your favorite shows and movies from Netflix, AppleTV, Hulu, and more. In a Visual Concepts home you can.


Control your lights and shades from any room or anywhere. Set the scene for a romantic evening, or a fun night with the family.


Controlling the temperature in your home from anywhere in the world. A Visual Concepts home can do it, and save energy.


Experience your favorite music from the only system that combines warm, full-bodied sound with a powerful wireless network 100% devoted to streaming HiFi sound.


Outdoor lights turn on at dusk. Keep an eye on your home while you’re away with alerts straight to your smart phone. While you’re at it, you can close the shades, lock the doors and set the alarm.


A Visual Concepts home can do all of these things and more from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet. No matter where you’re at in the world, you’re connected when you need to be.

3:30 pm

It’s entertaining.

Serving up the fun.

The kids are home from school and they’re looking for something to do. Luckily, we’ve centrally located all of your entertainment devices in your home. What does that mean to you? It means the kids have access to the cable box, the blu-ray player, the Xbox, and the Apple TV from every Television in the home.

Home Automation on a personal level.

See how Visual Concepts can help you set the scenes for your life.

5 pm

Set the mood.

Dinner Music

Sonos has revolutionized the way we listen to music in our homes. Imagine listening to any song, anytime. With Sonos as part of your new system design, now you can.

Music is an integral part of a Visual Concepts Smart Home. Up until now, music hasn’t been easy to listen to at home. It was locked away in cd cases, or lost altogether. With Sonos integrated into your home, you have the music ready and waiting for you on your phone, tablet, PC or Mac.


Imagine listening to any song, anytime. With Visual Concepts music system, now you can.

Music is an integral part of a Visual Concepts Smart Home. Up until now, music hasn’t been easy to listen to at home. It was locked away in cd cases, or lost altogether. With Visual Concepts, you have the music ready and waiting for you on your phone, tablet, PC, or Mac.


When you have Visual Concepts install speakers in multiple rooms of your home, it opens up a whole new set of features that make listening to music in your home even more enjoyable.

  • Individual listening per room.
  • Individual volume control on app.
  • Group rooms together with a tap.
  • Create playlists for any mood.
  • Schedule an alarm.
  • All your favorite apps
  • Save your favorite songs.

Movie night

When the day is done, head down to the home theater to unwind in the comfort of your own home. The stunning 120″ screen glimmers as the speakers bring the movie to life. Turn up the light with your remote control while the kids run to get more popcorn.

7 pm

It’s exciting.

What’s a movie without reviews?

“Everything is working flawlessly – it’s a super system, and we’re thoroughly enjoying it!”
John C.

“We appreciate your honesty and ethical business practices…”
Robert E.

“It’s amazing the picture and sound quality that we were able to achieve, and we spent thousands less than we were quoted by another company…”
Steve M.

“Even though I consider myself technologically challenged, Visual Concepts made sure to design our system to my level of understanding!”
Don V.


Unwind on the patio with your favorite music, and a glass of wine. Dim the lights to just the right level and relax after a long day.

Outdoor Living

It’s romantic.

Outdoor Living

Now more than ever before, we yearn to spend time outdoors. We take advantage of the warm weather when we have the opportunity. In the past, when we walked outside, some of the conveniences stayed indoors. That was then, this is now. In a Visual Concepts home you can have all of the conveniences of the indoors in the great outdoors.

Streaming Music

We’ve eliminated the challenges of listening to music in the home. In the past, you had to deal with static, there’s no need to leave the party to change the channel, and you can listen to your favorite songs at anytime. You’re the host of the party.

Outdoor Televisions

You’re having friends over to watch the game. Now, you don’t have to miss the game because you have brats on the grill. Just turn on the outdoor television. Completely weatherproof and ready to handle anything the weather can throw at it.


The backbone of technology in your home. From our smartphones and tablets, to the simplest devices, your WIFI needs to be robust. The signal should be just as strong outside as it is inside. Now you can work from home at the side of the pool.


Now you can easily set the mood with backyard lighting. Whether it’s the very popular overhead string lights or landscape lighting. Easily control your lights from your smartphone. Keep the party going into the night with the tap of a button.

Good night.

The kids are safely in bed. The electronics are off, alarm is armed, the doors locked, shades drawn and the landscape lighting glows in the night.

11 pm

It’s peace of mind.

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