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Professional Service, Integrity and Innovative Applications

Visual Concepts is a custom electronics design company that integrates state-of-the-art audio, video, communications, and lighting seamlessly into new and existing homes.

From custom home theaters to complete home automation, Visual Concepts can design an easy to operate solution specific to your home.

Working closely with architects, interior designers, builders and owners, we ensure that the outcome of the project will be of great quality.




Themed Theater

Visual Concepts excels in the design of Home Theaters.  There are two avenues clients can choose from.  Equipment Only Theater or a Themed Theater Design. 

The ‘Themed’ design services at Visual Concepts gives you the most in depth engineering possible for your theater space.  You can purchase the complete blueprinted plan to build yourself, or have Visual Concepts complete the entire theater, turn key. 

The design service is implemented in 5 steps. 

1. Client Interview:  We start with an in depth client interview to determine what type of theater would best serve the client.  Everything from lifestyle to your favorite hobby is discussed.  The process also helps us design the décor’ of your room.

2. Acoustical Modeling:  After we get to know you, we dive into the design.  We start with the room dimensions and our computerized acoustical modeling.  Everything including walls, acoustical panels, doors, HVAC, and seating locations is modeled and engineered.  This ensures the best sounding room possible.

3. Equipment engineering:  We design the equipment to meet the clients entertainment needs.  The latest in electronics is available at Visual Concepts.  We strive to stay ahead of the curve in this category.  Equipment is specked based on budget, room size, and performance needs.  As with everything in this world, you can spend 10k or 100k+ here.

4. Room Décor’:  After the audio and equipment engineering processes we lay the room décor’ on top.  This is another computerized process that allows the client to see the room in 3D and full color.  It is a very helpful design tool that helps us get our ‘vision’ across to the client.  Everything from carpet to ceiling color is shown here.

5.  Build it!  This process starts when a client signs off on a ‘turn key’ theater.  We take all our computerized models and make a final CAD drawing for our woodshop.  Our state of the art woodshop is in house.  This woodshop allows Visual Concepts to build theaters that the competition just can’t…  Everything from motorized doors to projector lifts are built in house. 


Home Automation

Make your home easy to live in! Visual Concepts home automation is also an engineered installation.  We study your lifestyle, identify the problems, and determine what products will better your life.  Everything in your home can be controlled from one easy to use system.  Access all your content and control anything in your house from anywhere in the world?  It’s all possible…

Control all Audio and Video Equipment from TV’s to complete theaters with one remote.

Distribute audio throughout your home.  Classical in the Kitchen, Rock in Jr’s room.

Control every light with lighting scenes.  The light switch hasn’t changed in over 100 years.  It’s time to see the light!  Setup entertainment scenes, night, day, and vacation scenes.  Attach those scenes to timed events, alarm events, or activate them remotely.

Control all subsystems:  HVAC, fire alarm, burglar alarm, flood protection, security cameras.  We can even tell you when the mail has arrived!


Acoustic Consulting

Standing waves and Echoes giving you hearing problems? Visual Concepts offers complete acoustical engineering. We’ve done everything from home theater to commercial buildings and churches. Visual Concepts deploys the latest in audio calibration gear. This engineering toolset not only gives us computerized models for our theaters, but it also helps us find existing trouble spots.

After the room is modeled and tested with our audio gear, we can design acoustical elements to correct the problems. We offer a complete line of acoustical problem solvers. Our most popular options in the residential market are our Sound Panels.





Visual Concepts was the first company in Tennessee to put their employees through the THX home theater program.  We carry THX Tech II on staff for all our services, design to installation.  Just another first for Visual Concepts.


ISF / HAA Training

Visual Concepts also employs certified ISF and HAA personnel.



Professional training organization dedicated toward home acoustics. Its purpose is to promote the correct and most effective use of acoustical design and calibration techniques specifically for the home.


Sencore Academy

Secore is the industry leader in test and measuring equipment.  It offers a complete audio and video calibration school.  Visual Concepts employees are also ’Academy grads’. 


CEDIA Certified

Custom Electronic and Design Association.  This association drives the custom integration business.  All aspects of the business are taught by CEDIA.  Visual Concepts employees are constantly in school.